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D'Azevedo, Warren L.


Found in 14 Collections and/or Records:

University of Nevada, Center for Western North American Studies Records

Identifier: AC 0406
Abstract The records in this collection are primarily executive board minutes, reports, memorandums, correspondence, 1963-1969, and the Center's chronological files, 1965-1967. Also included are acquisition correspondence and reports, 1963-1966; general correspondence, 1964-1970; and annual reports, 1968-1970.

Warren L. d'Azevedo Papers

Identifier: AC 0221
Abstract This collection consists of materials and records developed and used by d'Azevedo in both his University and non-University (Nevada) involvement and interest in ethnic and minority issues, approximately 1959-1975. This included the University Human Relations Action Council (later Commission) which worked with the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, UNR Black Student Union, Race Relations Center of Reno, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the Nevada Intertribal Council.

Warren L. d'Azevedo Collection

Identifier: AC 0397
Abstract This collection consists primarily of student papers and reports submitted for anthropology courses that focus on minority groups, especially Afro-Americans and Indians of North America. Also included are publications by d'Azevedo prior to coming to Nevada, materials collected from other institutions on similar subjects, course bibliographies with lecture notes, and published material dealing with topics taught.

Warren L. d'Azevedo Records

Identifier: AC 0280
Abstract This collections contains records used by Warren d'Azevedo for the 1990 reprint of American Indian and Black Students at the University of Nevada, Reno: 1874-1974, originally published in 1975. Some materials in this collection are from the earlier period, but most data reflects post-1975. The data is recorded on computer printouts provided by the Office of Admissions and Records, 1974-1988, and on information cards, 1974-1985, and were used to compile statistics used in the publication. The...

Warren L. d'Azevedo records of the Anthropology Department

Identifier: AC 0302
Abstract Collection contains records of the University of Nevada, Reno, Anthropology Department, the Desert Research Institute, and the Center for Western North American Studies, collected by Warren d'Azevedo to document the development of the Anthropology Department. Records include correspondence, reports, bulletins and proposals.

Warren L. d'Azevedo Research Papers

Identifier: 97-04
Abstract This collection reflects the donor's years of research and teaching in the field of anthropology of the Washo and Great Basin Indians and does not include any of his work on African cultures.

Tributes to Warren d'Azevedo

Identifier: NC1378
Overview The Tributes to Warren d'Azevedo collection contains three DVDs of the "Tribute Honoring Warren d'Azevedo" produced by Eetza Research Associates and presented at the October 2014 Great Basin Anthropological Conference, in Boise, Idaho.

James F. Downs Papers

Identifier: 99-38
Abstract Included are resumes for Downs and his company, International Bridge, Inc.; obituaries; letters by Downs written in India while on a research expedition to Tibet; unpublished articles and books on anthropological topics, Japanese-U.S. relations, and horses in Japan; articles by Downs' former professor, Dr. Warren L. d'Azevedo; and U.S. Navy training manuals, mostly historic in nature.

Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 11, Great Basin Indians Editorial Materials

Identifier: 92-08
Abstract Volume 11 of the Smithsonian's Handbook of North American Indians, focused on Indians of the Great Basin region of the American west, and included cultural, historical, prehistorical, and technological information about the Paiute, Washo, Shoshoni, Ute, and Bannock Indians. Editorial files include correspondence between editors and authors, meeting reports, planning committee materials, general business records, draft chapters, and final essays.

Sven Liljeblad Centennial Album

Identifier: 99-21
Abstract Commemorative album compiled by Nevada friends and collegues to celebrate the 100th birthday of Swedish linguist and folklorist Sven Liljeblad; the 90th birthday of his wife, Astrid Liljeblad; and their 50th wedding anniversary. Contents include letters, reminiscences, photographs, and press release.