Tuscarora Township Justice Court Dockets

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Scope and Contents

The Tuscarora Township Justice’s Court Dockets consists of accounts of cases heard in the Justice Court from 1878-1903. The dockets consist of three volumes. An alphabetical listing of attorneys, the Justice of the Peace, sheriff, county clerk, and litigants is included.


  • 1878-1903


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Collection is open for research. Materials must be used on-site; advance notice suggested. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.

Administrative History

The Tuscarora Township was located in Elko County, Nevada. It was established in 1867 by gold miners. The town of Tuscarora, located about forty-five miles northwest of Elko, had a post office by 1871. A subsequent discovery of silver in 1875 helped to extend the town's existence.


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The Tuscarora Township was located in Elko County, Nevada. The collection includes accounts of cases heard in the Justice Court of Tuscarora Township.


Arranged chronologically.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Purchased from an unknown source in 1975.


Seitz, Ed. L.

Justices of the Peace

Abbot, Charles E.
Nicholson, James


Below is a nearly complete list of litigants documented in the volumes of this collection.
Abbot, B. M.
Abbot, Charles E.
Alder, J.
Alford, Charles
Ahern, Katie
Allen, S. G.
Ames, Al
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, James
Bacon, J. D.
Bacon, John H.
Bacon, Richard B.
Badt, A. L.
Banfield, John M.
Barnes, A. E.
Barrett, J. M.
Barrett, Jacob
Barrett, John M.
Bartley, James
Barton, H. E.
Bassett, D.
Beauregard, Joseph
Benson, Oliver
Berger, Thomas
Bernard, L. L.
Bernardis, Nick
Bien, Louis
Black, W.
Black, William
Bliss, H.
Bluett, Chris
Boone, J. C.
Boostraw, Marc
Bourdon, A.
Bowden, Andy
Boynton, E. R.
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, William
Brain, James
Brew, Thomas
Briggs, A. R.
Brosseur, Charles
Brown, H. W.
Bunner, A. J.
Burnham, Matt
Calliahan, George S.
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Peter
Carmichel, R. O.
Chapman, A. B
Clark, Ed. E.
Cloudman, H.
Cloudman, Horace
Cohen, M. A.
Cole, Thomas
Coleman, D. C.
Collins, C.
Colorado Mining Company
Combs, William
Conley, John
Conner, G. W.
Conner, O.
Connoly, John
Connor, E. O.
Cook, M. A.
Cortan, F. M.
Coslett, George
Cowles, George
Cowles, George W. M.
Crane, C. C.
Craze, John
Crookshank, John
Crowley, William
Cunningham, George
Currieux, Frank
Curry, Leonard
Davey, Mrs. M. E.
Davis, E. S.
Davis, Fred
Davis, Homer
Davis, L. M.
Dean, William
De Lozie, James
Dennis, W. R.
Dillon, Martin
Dingle, John
Dorland, G. P.
Dorsey, J. W.
Drew, C. L.
Drew, John
Dunn, Jacob L.
Dunn, John
DuRell, B. M.
East Grand Prize Mining Company
Edolph, J. P.
Edwards, Mrs. J. F.
Elliott, Saml
Emery, John F.
Engler, J.
Erwin, William
Falcon Mining Company
Faurot, G. S.
Felsenthaler, P. H
Ferris, G. F.
Flaurey, Joseph P.
Foley, Patrick
Ford, John
Forsha, Mollie
Fox, M.
Freudenberg, Fritz
Gallagan, J. E.
Gallagher, Peter
Gay, Frank
Geek, Thomas
Gerber, G.
Gerrens, Nick
Gerrett, Joseph
Gillett, Harry
Gillham, Thomas
Girondot, W. S.
Glassgow, Thomas
Gleason, P. L.
Gleason, Patrick
Goodman, George W.
Goodman, Philip
Gossette, Perry
Grand Prize Extension Mining Company
Grand Prize West Mining Company
Grandy, Albert
Gratzer, Frank
Greenbaum, B.
Gresham, L.
Groome, Frank
Gullahorn, S.T.
Gullehorn, Mrs. R.
Haddington, Michael
Hamilton, H.
Hamilton, William
Hammack, George
Hampson, Wm. E.
Hanscom, Charles S.
Hanson, James
Hardesty, E. C.
Harrington, William
Harris, D.
Harris, J. M.
Hart, J. M.
Hart, James
Harville, H. A.
Hawley, Jacob
Haynes, C. C.
Haynes, Charles C.
Hazslip, C .C.
Henarie, D.V.B
Heymer, Gus
Hickey, Mrs. I.
Hicks, Alfred
Hicks, Edward
Hill, Mrs. E .A.
Hilton, J. H.
Hogle, L. I.
Holbrook, C.
Hoover, D.
Hoover, J. D.
Hornet Mining Company
Howard, H.
Howerton, John C.
Howerton, Martha
Howes, J.R.
Howey, James
Howland, H. H.
Howrey, Samuel
Isenberg, Charles
Ivey, John
Jenkins, James
Jennison, C. H.
Johns, Silas
Johnson, A.
Johnson, Charles
Jones, D. J.
Jones, J. A.
Jose, Thomas
Kane, Mollie
Kast, J.
Kee, Sam
Kelly, John
Kilburg, S.
Kingston, George A.
Kittridge, G.B.
Koenigsberger, Ferdinand
Kullman and Armer
Lancaster, Americus Vespuccius
Lash, Emma
Law, J. T.
Le Bel, George
Leelar, Screppa
Lewis, Cad
Lewis, H.
Lewis, J.
Lewis, John
Lewis, L.
Lewis, Lewis
Lewis, S.
Lewis, W.S.
Linehan, Daniel L.
Linnahan, Daniel
Livingston and Co.
Lowe, Geo. A.
Lowenburg, R.
Luxiner, R.
McAllister, W. N.
McCarthy, Sarah
McCarthy, T.F.
McCartney, Sarah
McComber, R.
McComber, Richard
McCrary, Mrs. Minnie
McCrum, Hugh
McDermott, F.A.
McDermott, Charles
McDonald, J. J.
McGary, John T.
McGovern, T.W.
McGowen, J.L.
McGownel, J.L.
McGuire, Andrew
McGuire, John
McHatton, Patrick
McMasters, Charles
Mahana, James
Malaster, Anna
Maloney, Thomas
Jones, D.
Jones, J.
Manheim, H.
Mantleay, Geo.
Marsh, W. B.
Martin, Edward
Mathews, John
Mateer, J. M.
Matier, James
Melleux, Antoine
Melville, John
Merrill, Richard
Millar, Dr. W.S.
Mitchel, Samuel
Mitchell, A.
Mitchell, W.H.
Mooser, A.
Mooser, Samuel
Motis, L.E.
Mulgrew, John
Muncey, F.J.
Muncey, W.J.
Muncey, William J.
Murphy, James
Murphy, Michael
Mutton, Thomas
Nelson, James
Nickless, W.
O'Briter, George
Owen, Benjamin
Packard, W. C.
Page, D.
Palmer, R.
Palmer, Richard
Parish, W. R.
Parrish, O.W.
Patterson, George
Patterson, William
Paul, Thomas
Pawnee Mining Company
Peddy, Thomas
Pedler, James
Perviance, W.H.
Peterson, Oscar
Pettingill, E. L.
Phillips, E.
Phillips, Joseph
Pierce, W. H.
Piper, S.D.
Pitze, Isaac
Plughoff, Henry R.
Pollard, S. M.
Pollock, John
Primeux, A.
Puckett, Richard
Paghoff, William
Quigley, James
Quirk, M.
Quirk, M. H.
Quirk, Michael H.
Redsull, T. T.
Reed, A.J.
Reed, Frank
Reinhart, B.
Reinhart Brothers
Rettallock, James
Richardson Brothers
Rinehart, W. N.
Ripley, Charles
Roberts, C. C.
Roberts, George
Robinson, J.W.
The Rock Creek Mining Company
Rose, A. P.
Ross, David
Ross, M. A.
Rountree, J. O.
Royer, R. B.
Rule, T. W.
Rundell, J.
St. Lewis, Peter
Sample, F. M.
Sample, George
Savage, J. A.
Shaffer, Mary
Schollerbock, J. H.
Schoonover, H. F.
Sebastian, Phillip
Shafer, G.
Shaffer, Thomas
Sharp, Lotta
Shelly, John
Sheridan, M.
Sheriden, Michael
Sherman, James W.
Shoecraft, W.
Shoecraft, Warren
Shoufe, John
Shoufe and McCrum
Shuck, John H.
Shuck, W. M.
Shuck, William
Shwabaker, S.
Siebold, George
Silver Prize Gold and Silver Mining Company
Silver Prize Mining Company
Smith, B. A.
Smith, Charles
Smith, F. H.
Smith, Henry
Smith, John
Smith, Mart
Smith, Thomas
Smith, W.T.
South Navajo Mining Company
Souther, Jas. N
Spath, Michael
Stark, S. L.
Steele, H. M.
Stephens, Stephen
Stewart, O.
Stewart, Oliver
Stofeel, W.
Stofiel, Walter
Stone, Nettie
Sutherland, J.J.
Tarbell, D.C.
Taylor, John
Terrell, Stephen
Tewksbury, J.D.
Thomas, John
Thomas, Phil
Thompson, J. W.
Timmons, J. M.
Ting, George
Tompkins, James
Tonini, A. H.
Tracey, C. C.
Treblecock, Henry
Trelore, James
Trescott, William
Trilling, Otto
Truett, M. K.
Truscott, William
Tuscarora Foundry Co
Twitchell, G.H.
Urton, W. J.
Usher, W. R.
Van Blarican, Ed
Vosberg, William
Walch, D. D.
Walch, M.
Walsh, M. J.
Walker, J.P.
Walker, John P.
Walker, William A.
Walsh, M. J.
Walsh, Mrs. M.J.
Ward, John
Warren, John E.
Webb, C.
Welch, W. J.
Weston, S. G.
White, C.
Wilde, William
Wilkins, Bert
Wilkins, J. R.
Wilkins, Laura K.
Willard, L.
Williams, J. E.
Williams, Richard
Wilsey, L.
Wilson, James
Windle, J. H.
Wines, J. L.
Woodward, Charly
Woods, John
Woodworth, J. M.
Wright, Charles C. S.
Wright, William
Yates, E. S.
Young, G. A.
Young American Mining Company
Zanwie, John
Ziegler, J. G.

County Clerk

Green, O. E.

Index of Attorneys

Below is a nearly complete list of attorneys. Spellings may vary.
Kingston, George A.
McGowen, J. L
Matthewes, John
Muncey, William J.
Savage, J. A.
Shuck, John H.
Stafford, W. M.
Stewart, O.
Taylor, George
Urton, W. J.
Windle, J. H.
Wines, J. L.
Woodworth, J. M.
Wu, J. H.


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