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BSQAP 0488 - Old Shelf Number: BSQAP NABO 001

NABO 1973-1989: Minutes, correspondence, newsletters

Membership inquiries (title on the folder)

NABO establishment process

First treasurer’s report

First NABO newsletter

Minutes of the meeting held in October 1973

Bylaws of FEVA.

Correspondence August 28, 1974-May 31, 1976

List of delegates in 1974

List of presidents of the local clubs in 1974(?)

Information on the annual Convention 1975, in Elko.

Relation with the United States Amateur Jai Alai Association

NABO Convention, May 1976.

Treasurer’s Report as of July 1975.

NABO correspondence, June 1976-August 1, 1977

Resume of the North American Basque Organizations: with how the organization started, and by whom, why, the different projects.

Letters mentioning a NABO calendar for 1977.

NABO handball games in 1976

Music camp

Basque of the Year Award

Emblem contest

1977 list of member clubs and delegates: 10 clubs

Sound-on-slide - Explanation of the project. - Reactions. Answer from the BSP. - Expenses.

Correspondence, August 3 1977- June 11, 1978

Ellis Island restoration project

NABO news as of August 1977

By-Laws of the Ligue de pelote du Pays Basque

Campeonato Mundial de Mus

Proposition for the first World Chanpionship between France, Spain and the United States.

List of 1977 local club members

Outgoing correspondence, September 1, 1979- August 1, 1981, president Janet Inda.


1979-1981 Incoming correspondence

Report by Carmelo Urza about Ameriketako Euskaldunak Euskadin: Congress 1982 organized by the Basque Government. Establishement of relations between Euskadi and the Basque Communities in America

Incoming correspondence, 11/81-7/83 Francois Pedeflous president

Outgoing correspondence, 11/81-7/83

Officer and delegate list as of 1981 I guess.

The Society of Basque Studies in America wanted to join NABO and sent a check. Their request was rejected and their check returned.

NABO directory project

Fundraiser projects: 1983-1987

Roll call meetings

Calendar 1984, Calendar 1985, Calendar 1986.

Certificate Basque of the Year

Correspondence clubs 1983-1987

Meetings 1983-1985

Program of the Jaialdi 1987

Correspondence received, 1982-1987

Correspondence, sent, 1983-1987

Agenda, 1983-1987

1987: Euskal Dantzarien Biltzarra and the dance groups in the US

Application forms NABO membership

Roll Call 1981-1983

NABO agendas 77-83

Touring groups correspondence 1984-1985

University of Nevada, Reno

Meeting notice, agenda, 1986-1990

Bertsolari/Music Contest: 1988, 1989

Invitation, information, rules

1989 trip to the Basque Country

Convention 1988 in Buffalo, Wyoming

Basque Sheepherder’s monument

Correspondence, 1988-1989 Jean Leon Iribarren president

Department of Culture, correspondence, 1986-1987

Ardanza’s visit, March 1988

Report of the very first world congress of Basque Centers in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, November 7-11. Report by Steve Mendive.

BSQAP 0489 - Old Shelf Number: BSQAP NABO 002

NABO Archives, 1990-1991, Steve Mendive president

Minutes 1990-1991, plus some more information

November 10, 1990 meeting in Reno

Report to NABO by Euzkaldunak, Oinkari Basque dancers, and the Basque museum and Cultural Center: December, 1990

NABO grant application guidelines: 1991

Meeting of Basque Centers, Salt Lake City, 02/16/1991

Some handwritten notes

NABO grant request 1990

Minutes of a meeting held at the same time as the Boise Jaialdi in June 13, 1990.

NABO’s by-laws

Report to NABO from the Basque Museum and Cultural Center: Feb 16, 1991.

1991 grants

Grant proposal for 1991 NABO music camp.

Grant proposal from the Cultural Committee for a Basque Community Leaders Worshop

Application for the “Gaurko Euskal Herria” program

International Relations Correspondence, 1984-1990

NABO International Relations 1991, correspondence

NABO Treasurer’s Reports 1989-1990-91

International Relations 1982-1990

Minutes of the January 15 meeting

Minutes November 16, 1985

Minutes of the Salt Lake meeting February 1986.

Memorandum of conversations regarding the future collaboration between NABO and the Basque Government.

Minutes: NABO Convention in Fresno, 1986.

Information on the trip available to teenagers to the Basque Country in the summer 1989.

Discussion on an eventual Basque Centers’ International Congress for 1991

NABO pelota 1991

1991 calendar

Gaurko Euskal Herria, exchange

1990 survey report

NABO Kantari Eguna

NABO Music camp 1991 and 1992

NABO Hizketa

NABO mus 1991-1992

Junta General de delegados in 1987.

1993 Hall of Fame

Two plaques of NABO

NABO 1993-2000

Cultural Committee of NABO


Grant application for 1994


Treasurer’s reports

Correspondence and other documents

NABO 1995


Treasurers’ reports



1995 grant request

List of the clubs and delegates. 1995

NABO 1996


Treasurer’s reports



Information on the 1996 Kantari Eguna

Decree 94/1996 which regulates subsidies for Basque Clubs.

NABO 1997


Treasurer’s report



Gaztemundu, in September 1997.

NABO Minutes 1998

NABO treasurer’s reports 1998

Proxies, Miscellaneous, 1998

NABO 1999



NABO 2000

Minute of the Convention in July 2000 in Boise, in conjunction with Jaialdi and the one in Salt Lake City, in February.

Report of the “First American Congress of Basque Centers and Argentine Week“, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 3-9, 1997, by Steve Mendive.

UNR/NABO records: 1994 and 2001

1994: letter from Bob asking to the CBS to host the NABO records and artifacts. A letter from William accepting it.

Gaztemundu 1999 and World Congress

Correspondence with Basque Clubs in Canada



Bob Echeverria’s archive on NABO

NABO business

NABO by-laws, certificate of incorporation, amendments

Various minutes

1990-1991-1992 Correspondence and treasurer’s reports

Video policy 1994 correspondence

1995/1996 NABO delegates list

Correspondence 1995

NABO meeting February 17, 1996, in San Francisco

Bon Echeverria’s notes

1993-1994-1995, Treasurer’s report, and correspondence

Buffalo 1997, Hall of Fame

Society of Basque Studies

Information, Hall of Fame, and some correspondence

NABO clubs list

Tree carvings project

NABO 1999 NABO meeting notes and an email from Grand Junction received July, 1999

Correspondence, personal notes 1998-1999

Washington DC Basques

Chicago, April 5, 2000

Correspondence 2000

Notes handwritten by Bob Goicoechea on a few items achived by NABO from 1996 to 2000.

Basque Government relations

1990 grants

Feb 20, 1993, spring meeting, San Francisco

International NABO 1993-1995

NABO International Relations Report: November 13, 1993

International report, February 26, 1994

1995 BG grant request

Registration with the Basque Government, debates. Grant applications

Los Banos minutes: 8/26/1998

Report of World Congresses: in 1982, in 1997.

Several grant requests for 1996

International 1995

1995 World Congress, November

Correspondence with AEK

Computers 1996

International 1996

Grace treasurer 1996-97

1997 Basque Government grant

Second edition of Gaztemundu, summer of 1997

1999 Atutxa visit to the US

1999 NABO report at the Second World Congress, submitted by Bob Echeverria

World Congress 1999

Argentina, FEVA

2001 International Mus Tournament

American Basque Foundation

CBS and resolution of 2001 for the CBS to be a member of NABO

The second American Basque Centers Conference, in 2000, in Necoechea, November 2000

Bob Echeverria’s personal researches on Basque related subjects (one box)

Programs/Activities indirectly related to NABO (one box)

NABO meeting May 19, 2001, in Los Banos, California information

NABO meeting August 25, 2001, in Mountain Home, Idaho information

NABO meeting August 23, 2002, in San Francisco information



1981 World Championship

1982 World Championship

“Rules for proposed mus tournament”

1983 World Championship

1984 World Championship

NABO tournaments

1986 International Mus Championship in Las Vegas.

Trophies donated by Banque Michel Inchauspe.

XVIII World Mus USA in 1995: San Francisco

2001, the International Mus Championship in Boise, ID

Mus rules

2004 Junior NABO Mus Tournament Report


US Federation of Pelota: the beginning Years 1981-83 French Federation of Pelota and NABO

Reports, correspondence, minutes

01/31/1982 “Proposed United States Federation of Basque pelota.” By Unhassobiscay.

Founding meeting of the USFP: “March 20th, 1982 meeting report by Martin Minaberry.”

Constitution, by-laws, uniforms…

October 21, 1982, US Board meeting in Mexico City.

US federation of pelota: 1984 to 1991

Minutes of the annual meeting: 27th of April 1984, at Dallas, Texas.

“Minutes of the US Federation 1985 Annual Meeting.” At Miami Jai Alai, Saturday March 23, 1985

September 1, 1985, in Chino, at the Centro Vasco.

The by-laws of the USFP reviewed as of 1991. In order to match the new laws of California and for the US Olympic Committee to consider it.

Handball NABO, 1983-1986, with two documents in the 1990s


Newsletters: Alkarte'ko Berriak, NABO News, Hizketa, Astero

Treasurer's Reports

Meetings' Minutes

BSQAP 0429

- Documentation of North Basque American Organization from 1973 to 2015.

- Correspondence between members of different Basque Clubs in the United States and of the people applying to be part of the association from 1974 to 1992.

- Checks, donations, accounts and bills, a binder containing treasurer reports from 1973 to 2015.

- Reports of the Educational Fund and the General Accounts from 2000 to 2014.


- Schedules for the Basque Festival in Elko. - Photograph of a Basque summercamp organized by NABO.


- Photos taken on a Mus championship: two of Anton Laxague and Pierre Ausquy (2003) and one of Bernard Cuburu and Lucio Machin (2004). - Photos of Pilota championship: - Mountain Home Idaho Fronton Dedication: - Dancers - Frontis - Giants - Pilotaris Miguel Leonis and Mike Leonis - Mural near court - Paleta David Indart and David Barreneche - Parade - Young pilotari - Aurresku dancer Xanti Alcelay

- Championship organized by NABO in the Basque Cultural Center: - 113 unnamed photos of men's pilota championship - 10 recordings of women's paleta championship

- Pilota Workshop Mountain Home - Photo of a photo showing a Fronton in 1912 - Coordinator Anchaustegui - David Barreneche and the girls playing paleta. - Dave and the girls - David Indart - Mural close to the Fronton - Maurice Negueloua, David indart and Miguel Leonis (Teachers) - Maurice Negueloua - Miguel Leonis - Women playin paleta


- 10/20-21/2006 Noth American summit, youth directors workshop - 67 photographs of a meeting and a conference. - 3 recordings on the same event.


- Photographs donated by Bernadette Iribarren - Jean Leon Iribarren and Gloria Urtiaga in Argentina. - Jean Leon Iribarren and lehendakari Ardanza in Argentina. - San Francisco Klika and pelotaris from the Basque Country.

- Photographs donated by François Pedeflous - Photoghaph of Jokin Intxausti's visit to the U.S.: - Two photographs of Jokin Intxausti. - Two photographs of Jokin Intxausti ans François Pedeflous - Mus championship in Fresno 1987. Victor Esain, François Pedeflous an Joseph _. - NABO delegates François Pedeflous, Jane Inda, Frank Maitia and a man. - NABO. François Pedeflous, Leon Iribarren and a couple. - Head members of NABO, first seven presidents. - Basque pelotari delegation to the U.S. 1971 - Victor Esain, NABO Mus championship chairman, and championship winners François Pedeflous and Mus partner.


- 8/7/2006 NABO pelota finals at the Campos' almond ranch in Car - 43 unnamed photographs of Pilota match.

- Gardenville 2006. Basque Festival Pictures taken by Argitxu Camu - 53 unnamed photographs of various events and people during the day.

- Photograps given by Susan Gavica Brenda Willey owner - Bishop Etxegangusia. - Festival chorizo cooks. - Three photos of Winnemucca dancers. - Winnemucca parade convention (circa 2002).


- Photographs given by Isidro Echeto - Isidro Echeto and Bishop Etxenagusia. - Isidro Echeto's Family visiting from the Basque Country. - Mus championship in Winnemucca. Janet Inda, Mike Olano and Isidro Echeto.


- 99 unnamed photographs of various events during a Basque festival, includes four songs and a video made conbining both photographs and songs.


- Photographs donated by Etcharren and Iribarren from San Francisco - Courtesy of Bernadette Iribarren - Basque Sheepherder Monument, during its inauguration in 1989. - Photo of the cake of the International Mus tournament in Las Vegas. - Photo of Iribarren at the International Mus tournament in Las Vegas. - International Mus tournament in Las Vegas in 1986. - Iribarren in the Jaialdi in 1990. - Jean Leon Iribarren with a young man in front of a car. - 1983 Mini Mundial group in San Francisco. - 1983 Mini Mundial mass in San Francisco. - NABO delegates convention float 1988. - NABO convention Iribarren president on a car. - Two photographs of NABO convention mass.

- Courtesy of Denise and Pierre Etcharren - Two photograps of 1977 Boise Music Camp. - Two photograps of the program of 1977 Boise Music Camp. - Two photograps of the program of 1977 Reno Music Camp.


- December 2006 Sheepherders' Ball in Boise - Argitxu Camus Etchecopar with Ricardo Yanci - 24 unnamed photograps of Basque dances.

- NABO Archive photos - 1981 Boise Music Camp, Menchaca teaching txistu. Stesman news. - 6/1/1977 NABO Music Camp Program in Reno. Two photos. - Marcel Tillous and a woman playing txistu during a Music Camp. - NABO 1982 Music camp flier in Chino. - NABO Emblem. - Reno Music Camp Newspaper in UNR Summer time, August 15, 19.

- Reno dancers 1970s, photographs donated by Janet Goni. - Reno dance group with Basque goat of arms. - Reno dance group with the instructor.

- Susanville Basque dancers, photograph donated by Janet Goni.


- Bob Echeverria pictures - Two photograps of the 99 world congress group. - NABO convention 1993 Elko dancers. - NABO convention in gooding Elko dancers. - Picture given to Ardanza by NABO in 1994. - Semana Vasca 1996 dancers. - Semana Vasco-Argentina. - Semana Vasco-Argentina 1996.


- NABO pelota delegation in Mexico - Baskets of fruits offered to each delegation, with Jacques U. - Beñat Arduain and Amede in red with their French opponents. - Beñat Arduain and François Pedeflous seated, Goyenetche standing. - Dancers and musicians in closing ceremonies. - Possibly Miguel Leonis playing pelota (esku huska). - Miguel Leonis and other pelota player (esku huska). - Frank Maitia. - French team with two children at closing ceremony - Guillaume Iriola from support team and Amade, player, singing. - Jacques Unhassobiscay with little Mexican boy wearing a traditional costume. - Janet Inda with Zarazua’s wife from Elko and their driver. - Jean Pierre and Catherine Goyenetche dancing. - Jean Pierre Goyenetche, coach of the Mexican team, Janet Inda and friend. - Leonis, Alberto, Amede and three US players in a party. - Two photographs of the lunch after opening ceremonies, people from the US wearing light blue. - Martin Zubieta with Basket of flowers. - Mexican band in a party they gave for the US delegation. - Opening ceremonies. - Ramon Zugazago, one of the US players holding a shawl. - The Mexican team against Spain. - US delegation in the 1978 pelota championship in France. - US player Alberto with a Mexican woman in a boat. - US player Amade. - US players Zugazaga and Arduain in a boat. - Player warming up before the game.

- Unnamed image of a couple sitting on a table.


- Basque Library Photographs - BSQAPH0001-89-2 Ely Ankarinak dancers. - BSQAPH0001-89-30 Boise dancers with zazpiak bat and two flag. - BSQAPH0001-89-76 Plaza Urrutia and Jean Urruty Grand Junctio. - BSQAPH0001-89-87 Basque studies program with Jon Bilbao. - BSQAPH0001-90-101 Douglass and Bilbao in Argentina. - BSQAPH0001-90-145 group of people and dancers posing probably from New York. - BSQAPH0001-90-147 New York dancers with Onatibia txistulari. - BSQAPH0001-90-176 GARDNERVILLE Mendiko Euskaldun cluba dance. - BSQAPH0001-90-251 committee organizer of the 1959 festival. - BSQAPH0001-90-259 1959 festival in Sparks crowd. - BSQAPH0001-90-307 Stockton California pelora court 1900s. - BSQAPH0001-90-380 Basque Center Boise before restoration. - BSQAPH0003-5 JORDAN VALLEY COURT restored. - BSQAPH0003-9-1 BSP SUMMER SESSION 1970. - BSQAPH0003-31 JORDAN VALLEY COURT photo Richard Lane. - BSQAPH0003-31 mountain home COURT maybe 1977 photo Richard Lane. - BSQAPH0003-31 pelota players in Elko maybe 1977 photo Richard Lane. - BSQAPH0003-31 JORDAN VALLEY COURT photo Richard Lane. - BSQAPH0003-31 JORDAN VALLEY COURT. - BSQAPH0003-31 TRINQUET CHINO. - BSQAPH0005-15 1959 FESTIVAL SHEEP CAMP EXHIBIT. - A postcard showing dancers in ELko in 1977.


- 7 photos and 7 videos of NABO members celebrating Ibilaldia 2005 (Durango) in the University of Reno.


- Reno music camp newspaper in UNR Summer Times, August 15, 19.


2004 Junior NABO Mus Tournament

NABO meeting May 29, 2004, in Bakersfield, California

NABO meeting February 7, 2004, in Salt Lake City, Utah

NABO meeting November 8, 2003, in Elko, Nevada

NABO meeting July 4, 2003, in Elko, Nevada

NABO meeting February 15, 2003, in San Francisco, California

NABO meeting November 16, 2002, in Reno, Nevada

Center for Basque Studies pamphlet and flyer on: War, Occupation, and Memory in the Basque Country, 1940-1944

NABO meeting August 23, 2002, in San Francisco, California

NABO meeting March 2, 2002, in Salt Lake City, Utah

NABO meeting August 25, 2001, in Mountain Home, Idaho

NABO meeting May 19, 2001, in Los Banos, California

NABO meeting February 17, 2001, in San Francisco, California

NABO meeting October 14, 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada

NABO Treasurer’s Reports, 2002-2004

Programs for the Basques Abroad 2004, by Eusko Jaurlaritza Gobierno Vasco, 2004

The Basque Government: Education, Universities, and Research Departments, by Eusko Jaurlaritza Gobierno Vasco, circa 2004

NABO Grants, 2000

NABO Mus rules, November 8, 2003

EBB (Euskara Beti Bihotzean) Proposal for 2004 for all Euskal Etxeak, 2004

Email correspondence between Jon Ysura and NABO officers and members, Jan 2001

United Nations Report and other material on Udalbiltza (Assembly of municipalities), July 19, 2000

NABO correspondence, 2003 – 2004

NABO correspondence, 2001 – 2002

Minutes of NABO meetings, 2000 – 2004

Agendas of NABO meetings, 2000 – 2004

Membership Numbers of all clubs belonging to NABO for 2003, 2003

Letter of thanks from Pete T. Cenarrusa, California Secretary of State, Aug 15, 2002

Gaztemundu Special Committee Report, February 7, 2004

Minutes of the Special Committee Meeting of the Gaztemundu Special Committee of NABO, 2003-2004

Minutes of NABO meetings, 1988 – 1993

Minutes of NABO meetings, 1985 – 1987

Minutes of NABO meetings, 1982 – 1984

Minutes of NABO meetings, 1979 -1980

Agendas of NABO meetings, 1977 – 1981

Letter from Janet Inda, NABO President to delegates and club presidents, February 5, 1981

Western Basque Convention of 1973, March 1973

Summary of Pre-planning meeting of Western States Basque Federation, June 23, 1973

Minutes of first annual meeting of NABO, August 18, 1973

Championship Tournament of Pelota Basque by NABO, undated

Letter from Euzkaldumak, Inc. announcing their choice for “Basque of the year award,” Al Erquiaga, undated

Folder with names and addresses written on it, plus two diskettes labeled NABO minutes and old computer, undated


- 80 photos of NABO members at Congreso Mundial de Colectividades Vascas, July 13-18, 2003

By-Laws and Amendments of NABO and Chino Basque Club, undated

Programs for Basque festivals in California and Nevada, 1979 – 2004

Stickers, stamps, and promotional cards in Basque language, undated

Booklet and CD titled Esku-Eskura Oinarrizko kumunikazioa euskaraz [language guide for Basque, Spanish, French, and English]. By Eusko Jaurlaritza Gobierno Vasco


  • 1973-2006



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The North American Basque Organizations, Inc. (N.A.B.O.) was founded in 1973 to preserve the Basque heritage in the United States. The organization is made up by Basque entities or clubs from across the country. Its purpose is to sponsor activities and events related to Basque culture and identity and the perpetuation of the Basqueness.



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Documentation of North Basque American Organization from 1973 to 2015. Correspondence between members of different Basque Clubs in the United States, checks, donations, accounts and bills, reports, photographs of various events organized by North American Basque Organization (NABO) and photographs donated by Basque Americans to the organization.

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