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Call to Women Voters Broadside

Identifier: 94-46
Abstract Broadside on behalf of the National Woman's Party calls for women voters to vote against President Wilson and Democratic Party candidates for office in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, as a vote for political liberty for women.

Anne Martin campaign literature

Identifier: 96-25
Abstract Campaign literature includes flyers with testimonials from well-known national feminist figures; Martin's views on World War I, on land monopoly in Nevada, and on labor; and postcards in English and Italian urging women to support Martin in her Nevada senatorial campaig

Anne Martin Letter on Women's Suffrage

Identifier: 2015-40
Overview One four-page letter written by Anne Martin to "Mary" on November 9, 1915 discussing loss of the 1915 referendums on woman's suffrage in Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania that suffragists believed would be a turning point in the fight for women's suffrage across the United States.

Anne Martin Letter to Jay Carpenter

Identifier: NC1310
Overview Letter with envelope sent to Jay Carpenter, director of the Mackay School of Mines, regarding the translation history of the book De Re Metallica by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover. Martin stayed with the Hoovers while they worked on this translation from Red House, Hornton Street, Kensington. The letter was formerly tipped into De Re Metalica (London : The Mining Magazine, 1912); Special Collections call number TN617...

When Darkness Covers Me

Identifier: NC468
Abstract Ms poem signed, which begins "Lord give me strength my life while alone, if life so wills, ....",Includes a rough draft and polished copy on stationery from Oakleigh, Santa Barbara, California.