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Bureau of Governmental Research Records

Identifier: NUB 52/04
Scope and Contents Data Series Reports. Nevada Votes. Votes Cast in Primary and General Elections. 1966 and 1968. Report No. 3, 1969.
Dates: 1969

Bureau of Governmental Research Records

Identifier: NUB 52/05
Scope and Contents Governmental Research Newsletter, Nevada Public Affairs Report, 1960-1977.
Dates: 1960-1977

Bureau of Governmental Research Records

Identifier: NUB 52/16
Scope and Contents Working Reports. Number 1. Indices of Qualitative Variation and Political Measurement. By Allen Wilcox; Number 2. Petition-Signing in the 1968 Election. By Allen Wilcox and Leonard Weinberg; Number 3. A Note on the Rationality of Primary Choice and the C, 1969.
Dates: 1968-1969

Bureau of Governmental Research Records

Identifier: NUB 52/06/18
Scope and Contents Welfare in Nevada. Report of the Nevada Assembly on Public Assistance, 1974.
Dates: 1974

University of Nevada, Reno, Bureau of Governmental Research records

Identifier: AC 0259
Abstract Records contain manuscripts and drafts, data, correspondence, transcribed interviews, and reports developed for bureau publications, including the Newsletter, edited by Elmer Rusco. Interviews include state senators Carl Dodge and Coe Swobe for the newsletter; and Margaret Badie, Dolores Feemster, Samuel Gibson, Howard Gloyd, Julia Hamlet, William Hunt, Ernest Mullins, Esterline Nelson, Alice Smith, William C. Webb, Joseph Williams, and Ullyses S. Woodward for Voices of Black Nevada, 1971. ...
Dates: 1960-1979

Honorary degree recipients records

Identifier: AC 0295
Abstract The first honorary degree was awarded in 1888, to Hannah K. Clapp. In the minutes of the Board of Regents, Aug. 15, 1888, is recorded that "Upon Resolution it was ordered that the degree of M.A. be conferred upon Professor Hannah K. Clapp by the Board of Regents." This collection contains files on honorary degree and distinguished Nevada recipients, 1937-1969. The information includes brief biographical sketches of the recipients, correspondence, and photographs.
Dates: 1937-1969

Pyramid Lake Water Papers

Identifier: NC1202
Abstract Includes legal briefs in the case of the U.S. and Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe vs Truckee-Carson Irrigation District; correspondence, reports and notes on the California-Nevada Interstate Compact for Lake Tahoe, much of which was authored by Robert Leland; material on the Newlands Project; legal briefs in the case of the U.S. vs the Alpine Land and Reservoir Company; minutes of the Pyramid Lake Task Force; and materials related to deeding water rights to the tribe, from 1969-1979.
Dates: 1969-1979